• Zerk-Locker is an Agri-Can trademark. This is quality at it's best!

Grease Quick Coupler - Zerk-Locker



Zerk-Locker is your everyday solution for greasing your equipment. 1 year warranty on the product.

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    Return policy on your invoice.

Compact and Strong

Your Zerk-Locker’s nozzle is only one millimeter larger than standard nozzles allowing it to fit perfectly into the tightest of spots. Unlike the competition, Zerk Locker’s 2-handled design protects your hose.


Key Specs

-compatible with all grease gun types

-works on all metric and SAE specification Zerks

-fits 1/8’’ NPT thread

-simply press down on handle to release, even under pressure

-no need to hold while greasing – locks on to free up your hands

-suitable for high-pressure heavy-duty situations (up to 10 000 psi)

-four spring steel jaws resilient under pressure



Zerk-Locker is a universal product compatible with all types of grease guns. All electric, manual and pneumatic hoses are 1/8’’ NPT, allowing Zerk-Locker to be easily transferred from one type of grease gun to another.