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Working at Agri-Can is much more than just a job. It is also collaboration, partnership, excellence, company vision, and much more...

A work-family balance

At Agri-Can, we are all aware that family life is important and that is why it occupies a very important place in our values. Being parents themselves, Agri-Can managers do everything they can to offer a flexible schedule that emphasizes a balance between work and family life.

For the sake of the people we care about, Agri-Can is an employer of choice!

Various positions, various people

There isn't just one way to do things just like there isn't just one job. We are all different and we want candidates to take ownership of their position. Apply for a position that you want, in which you will be yourself. Because after all, it’s you we’re hiring!

At Agri-Can, employees are at the heart of our actions

We know that our employees are our most valuable resource. We make sure to empower each of them and provide them with the means to develop and be successful. We know the value of talent and foster a high-performance culture. We always encourage our employees to raise their hand and come up with a great idea because we know that each of them has a role to play in our pursuit of operational excellence.

Talent development

The future of our company depends on our ability to create a culture of operational excellence that allows us to deliver on our commitments. As one of our employees, we want you to be successful, develop your skills and contribute to the good performance of the company.

Self-development is greatly appreciated, because we know that practice makes perfect, and we must do our best if we want to offer our customers the most popular products and the best experience possible.

We help you develop your talents by offering you targeted programs on the skills, knowledge and know-how you will need to master to be successful tomorrow when everything is changing rapidly. Our goal is to empower and encourage all of our employees to take charge of their development and flourish.

Agri-Can is in constant development and evolution. You are part of the recipe and we will target your strengths to further develop them to help you achieve your personal goals while promoting the achievement of the company's operational and performance objectives.

What the hiring process looks like

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Choose which country you want to apply to

Agri-Can currently does not offer any programs for foreign workers. Make sure you meet the hiring criteria for the country you are applying to.

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