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We take your privacy very seriously at Agri-CanTM. We keep the information provided when you subscribe to the newsletter only for our company. We do not sell or share ANY information outside of the company. You won't be inundated with spam. We will send an average of 2 to 4 emails per month, in order to provide you with a pleasant experience with us.

Payments made on the website are secure and managed entirely by Paypal™ with no obligation to have an account with Paypal™. For your protection, we use their credit card payment services. In addition, all your purchases are covered by Paypal™ purchase protection which guarantees reimbursement as well as Agri-Can's Perfect Fit™ guarantee.



Transactions made over the phone are carried out using the Inflow Pay® electronic processing system. Agri-Can does not receive any banking information and will NEVER ask you for your banking information. Our systems are completely automated and encrypted. In the case of a telephone order, you will receive by email an electronic invoice for your order from one of our staff members. All you have to do is to verify your address and order details and make the secure online payment with Worldline Canada. We will only receive payment confirmation in our systems.



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