Beater Paddle for New Holland® Manure Spreader

Beater Paddle for New Holland® Manure Spreader

Fits models: 190, 195, 195S, 790, 791, 795, 800. Replaces OEM Part#: 287759, 181703, 258786, 86546540.

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Quality beater paddle for New Holland® manure spreaders

  • Durable steel (CSA G40.21 50W/350W)
  • Sandblasting before powder coating
  • Anti-corrosion powder coating primer
  • Powder coating - Anti-corrosion and anti-acid (Including sulfuric acid contained in manure and slurry) developed exclusively for Agri-Can®
  • Highest quality high-strength steel
  • Laser cut - Agri-Can® Perfect Fit Guarantee
  • Above OEM Standards
  • Replaces New Holland® OEM part#: 287759, 181703, 258786, 86546540
  • Made in Canada by Agri-Can®

Exceeding OEM quality, our part is made of 50W/350W Class C (CSA) high-strength steel with a yield strength of 50,000 psi. All parts are sandblasted and then coated with a high-strength baked powder coating. A second firing follows for the final red paint. This powder paint is developed exclusively for Agri-Can® by the powder paint manufacturer. Our coating is made of epoxy with high acid resilience and incomparable hardness (4H). 100% resistant to UV rays and acids including sulfuric acid contained in slurry and manure. This coating is rust-proof and has the resilience to direct impacts of 100 in-lbs. Certainly, our replacement part will provide you with the expected performance of a high-quality part at a lower cost!


New Holland

  • 190
  • 195
  • 195S
  • 790
  • 791
  • 795
  • 800

Environment Friendly

Agri-Can® brand parts are powder coated. In addition to protecting your investment, this process is safe and protects the environment. These paints contain no solvents and therefore no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere.

Overspray can be reused in coating booths.

Being a clean process, the air from the baking ovens can be recirculated back into the plant to heat it, which means much less electricity and fuel oil consumption.

Agri-Can®, quality parts that respect the environment!

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Better quality and cheaper
I pre-ordered the paddles and they arrived and installed. Better quality than the original one. I never thought I would say that one day! lol! They fit perfectly. I recommend
By Belgium Farms on 08/07/2023

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