Driveline w/Shear Bolt Clutch Size:6


Complete PTO shaft assembly with shear bolt clutch.

Ideal for snow blower


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Complete Driveline with Shear Bolt Clutch. 100 series, category 4 HD, size 6 driveline. Minimum C-to-C length: 45" (1160 mm), Maximum C-to-C length: 74" (1880 mm), Total collapsed length: 55" (1415 mm). Tractor end: 1-3/8" 6 spline, Implement end: 1-3/8" 6 Spline with shear bolt clutch. Fits Bondioli & Pavesi 100 Series.
•  It may be necessary to cut this driveline to length. Verify the length by ensuring that sufficient overlap of the drive tubes exists in all working positions without the possibility of bottoming out.
C to C Max   1880 mm/ 74"
C to C Min   1160mm / 45"
Category   4 HD (64HP)
Implement   1 3/8" -6 w/ S.B. Clutch
Replaces   Bondioli Part No: CS43518
Series   100



Total Collapsed Length  

1415mm / 55"


1 3/8"-6


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