In this section, find how to measure the universal joint and the tube to ensure proper replacement of your parts

Steps for measurement

Follow these simple steps and get all the information about your PTO type

Inner and Outer Tube

Measuring the Universal Joint

1. Take apart the universal joint

Disassemble the universal joint for measuring properly. Click the link below for a handy reference for replacing your U joint. PDF document from Weasler®.

2. Measure the U Joint

When you measure your universal joint, measure the length from one outer end to the other (D). You will also need to record the width of one end of the universal joint (C). Use these numbers to find the right size of a universal joint.

On the Domestic type like this one, the snap ring can be of type A or B.

If you are not sure, please contact us at 1-888-997-2624 and we will help you determine the right series.

3. Discover your PTO Shaft Series and Related Information

Click on the correct bearing diameter (C) and find all the information on your PTO model as well as the web link to the cross bearing and related parts

15/16'' (.938)



Series: 6 OR 1000 Series (Determine by tubing size)

Bearing Diameter (C): 0.969'' (15/16'')

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 2.313'' (2-5/16'')

Snap Ring Type: A

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 16

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 30

PART#: 1-0170

1'' (1.000)



Series: 1800 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1'' (1.000)

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 3-1/8'' (3.125)

Snap Ring Type: B

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 30

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 48

PART#: 1-1875

1-1/16'' (1.063)



Series: 12 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1.063'' (1-1/16'')

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 2.500'' (2½'')

Snap Ring Type: A

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 24

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 45

PART#: 1-1275

1-1/8'' (1.125)



Series: 14 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1-1/8'' (1.125)

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 2-5/8'' (2.625'')

Snap Ring Type: A

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 33

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 62

PART#: 1-2075

1¼'' (1.250'')



Series: 35 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1¼'' (1.250'')

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 3-7/32'' (3.219'')

Snap Ring Type: A

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 59

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 111

PART#: 2-2275

1-5/16'' (1.313)



Series: 44 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1-5/16'' (1.313)

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 4'' (4.000)

Snap Ring Type: A

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 87

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 165

PART#: 3-0044

1-3/8'' (1.375)



Series: 2600 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1-3/8'' (1.375)

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 4-3/16'' (4.188)

Snap Ring Type: B

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 110

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 177

PART#: 3-0821

1-17/32'' (1.531)



Series: 55 Series

Bearing Diameter (C): 1-17/32'' (1.531)

Cap-to-cap Overall Length (D): 4-5/16'' (4.313)

Snap Ring Type: B

Rated HP @ 540 RPM: 121

Rated HP @ 1000 RPM: 230

PART#: 3-0045

Measuring the Inner and Outer tube

The Domestic PTO tube is pretty easy to measure. Make sure you take both measures on the shaft. They are sometimes shaped rectangular.

Take the measurement A and B as shown in picture.


Domestic PTO shaft are the most expensive ones. You can replace a Domestic PTO shaft completely by a Bondioli & Pavesi for much cheaper price than replacing a tube or a yoke in Domestic series. Once you find the series with the cross bearing measures above, view our selection of Metric PTO shaft. There is a correspondance for every Domestic Shaft in Bondioli & Pavesi series. 

If you need help finding the right replacement product, give us a call at 1-888-997-2624. We will be happy to save you money!

Cut your PTO shaft

Learn how to cut your PTO shaft to avoid damage to your tractor or implement but also serious injury. It's very simple, you'll see!

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