Sincere thanks

During this time of celebration, we would like to take a moment to thank you. You know, managing a growing business in an ever-changing market is challenging. A logistical, financial, infrastructural, and human challenge, but above all, we want the customers to be there.

2023 was for us at Agri-Can, a year of incredible expansion. We launched our new state-of-the-art website in April. We reached the milestone of 225 retailers in America with more than 16,000 customers at the beginning of December. All this was made possible thanks to you, dear customer.

It is essential that the figures are good for the sustainability of operations and the development of the company but above all, we sincerely want to thank YOU. Without your trust, loyalty, and interest in our quality products, Agri-Can is nothing more than a big empty box.

Alexandre and I wanted to take the time to express all the gratitude we have for you, dear customers, retailers, and distributors. Thank you from the heart!

We sincerely wish you exceptional moments with your family and friends. May this time of year bring you joy and happiness and may 2024 be even better.

Happy Holidays!

Dominique Chabot


Alexandre Lefebvre

Alexandre Lefebvre


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